Seekologist is a blog for the thrill-seekers and homebodies alike. It’s gaining knowledge about how accessible the act of discovering is, no matter where you are. It’s about finding new music that gets you groovin’ at home, in the office or (if you’re lucky to catch them) in person. It’s about discovering a new brunch spot with hard-to-decline bottomless mimosas, raising a possibility of meeting new friends. It’s about finally  finding a new product that changes the relaxation game for you at home. & when you finally get that much-needed vacation, Seekologist is about telling you where to go and what to do there. Because there’s always something new to find. You just have to be looking.

about the creator

My name is Mandi. I’m a serial seeker who craves film photography, travel, craft beer, and live music. Thus, Seekologist was born. I have so much to share about my discoveries each day and I don’t want to be selfish about it. I carry around my film camera as if it’s apart of my body. I have a “problem” (I like to call it a talent/blessing) where I don’t stay in one spot too long. I’ve lived in San Francisco, London and San Diego before I found myself in my current location of New York City. So, I’ll stay. For now.

I’m addicted to strong coffee, the color black, big cities, and Kodak, the dog. He seems to be my favorite little man-muse for my photography.

I hope Seekologist  inspires you to yearn for discovery and get out there to see what the world has in store for you.