Seekologist is a platform for the thrill-seekers and homebodies alike. Because… Well, I like to say I’m a walking contradiction. It’s been a decade since I left my tiny-ass hometown way east of the SF Bay Area and NEVER. STOPPED. MOVING. I’m a pro at packing my shit into two suitcases and changing scenes. I can’t stop exploring this wonderful planet we live on. BUT, being the somewhat lazy-ass I am, I know it’s easy as hell to discover anything from the comfort of your own couch. Thanks, Internet. So, I started Seekologist – to prove that you are NOT ONLY one click away from the most incredible Amazon Prime haul, but there’s an endless amount of incredible shit in this world right outside your door.

Seekologist is about finding new music that gets you groovin’ at home, in the office or where ever you are – to keep you on your toes so you don’t miss your favorite new bands when they come to your town. It’s about finding a new brunch spot with hard-to-decline bottomless mimosas – that happens to come with a side of meeting new friends. It’s about finally  discovering a new product that increases your relaxing vibes in the comfort of your own home. And when you finally get that much-needed vacation, Seekologist  is here to tell you where to go and what to do there. Because there’s always something new to find. You just have to open your eyeballs.

about the creator

I’m Mandi – a serial seeker who craves an adrenaline rush, film photography, mindless travel, craft beer, and live music. Trust me, I was born to creep around the world – I’m curious about every nook and cranny and I don’t want to be selfish about what I find. I carry around my film camera as if it’s apart of my body. I refuse to settle in one spot – ants-in-my-pants status – and I’ve been on the move for nearly 10 years now. San Francisco is my home base – where I spent a solid five years basking in the glory of the city – and I’ve bounced around living in San Diego, London, and New York while traveling to almost 15 countries in the meantime.

I’m a pit bull advocate – loving on my little man muse, Kodak (whose face you’ll get very familiar with). Give me a nitro cold brew with a dash of cinnamon and watch me go. I will absolutely sprint to the nearest craft beer bar I see. I’m most emotional during NFL season – where my heart and soul lies with the 49ers. I prefer bungee jumping over skydiving and will bungee jump dozens of times before I die.

Seekologist is for the adventure junkies, couch potatoes, health gurus, college newbies, those who treat their dogs like children, and the moms and dads who have a little team of tiny humans. And everyone in between.