My Jade Roller Made Me a Morning Person.

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I promised myself I would do a post on this because my jade roller is my little savior and everyone needs one of their own. I sleep six inches away from it because I want to have access to it at all times throughout the night. I’ve turned into my jade roller’s clingy girlfriend.

I’m so needy that I can’t fall asleep, nor wake-up, without my jade roller.

So, what the hell is a jade roller?

Let me elaborate. A jade roller is a little wand with smooth jade stones on either end – it looks like a little paint roller. One end is bigger, used for the face and neck, & the smaller end is for under your eyes and any smaller spot you’d like to roll-out (cue Ludacris, circa 2002.)

During a period of ancient China, the jade stone represented beauty, grace, purity, and longevity. Jade has a variety of uses (tools, decorative in homes and jewelry, etc) but around the 12th century, the people of China discovered the healing powers of jade stones. Thus, the jade roller was created. And here I am, giving you more reasons as to why I’m obsessed with Eastern culture.


benefits of the rolling your skin with jade stones

  • Improve blood circulation and skin tone.
  • Improves elasticity of skin.
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage.
  • Reduces puffiness and wrinkles (I’m no longer looking like a monster each morning).
  • Reduces dark, under-eye circles.
  • Eliminates toxins (!!!)
  • Reduces size of pores.
  • Balances qi (aka balances energy and makes you feel kick-ass).
  • & more!

how do you use it?

Jade stones are naturally alway cold – it’s weird. But since I prefer my jade roller extra cold, I usually keep it refrigerated because it’s super refreshing & I feel like the benefits are on steroids. Like I said, I basically sleep with mine on my pillow (kidding, it’s on my window sill) for easy access and my window is pretty much a fridge these days since it’s getting pretty dang cold in New York.

To roll your skin, move the roller upward and outward. I start at my neck, then cheeks & forehead. I’ll roll my under-eyes last because it’s my favorite part – just make sure you use the smaller end. Most of the time, I circle back around and do it a few times because it’s damn relaxing. It only take about three or four minutes. THAT IS IT.


Living in a big city like New York, I find it extremely important to take care of my skin & get rid of the endless amount of disgusting toxins I’m exposed to everyday. Not only that, but the city makes you look a little haggard from time-to-time. Finding a routine is key. Rolling my face & neck out twice every day is how I relax before bed and how I kickstart my morning. My jade roller is my mini-masseuse for a mini-fraction of the price ($13!). It helps me sleep, my skin looks younger & cleaner, and I don’t look like a zombie when I roll out of bed.

It’s totally meditating, too. A few minutes at the beginning and end of the day to clear my mind. & It leaves me feeling all warm and tingly after I’m done. I’m totally in love with it.

Convinced yet?

Now make like Luda & roll-out.






to get your own jade roller, find one HERE.
for a video on how to use your jade roller, click HERE.








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